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E-Soft Time Clock System
E-Soft ERP System Malaysia
E-Soft Payroll  System
E-Soft Accounting System
E-Soft Timber Log System
E-Soft Sawn Timber System
E-Soft POS System
Transport Management    System
Haulage Control System
Multi-Level Marketing    Solutions
E-Soft Hotel Management    System
E-Soft Library Control    System

ISO Consults
UBS Support
Shop Streets
Massages Care
E-Softcom Blogspot
ISO 9000 Software

8. Management Reports

- Daily Collection, Revenue and Rooming List Reports
- Daily Guest Balance Report
- Daily Guest Arrival List
- Guest Folio and Receipts
- Monthly Sales Report
- Monthly Credit Card Report
- Monthly Other Charges Report
- Guest Stay Summary
- Receipt or Folio printing

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