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E-Soft Accounting System

• E-Soft Accounting System is a multi-user, SQL Client/Server Based    Accounting System.
• The Chart of Accounts is simple & flexible.
• System provides Posting to accounts features. This will enable the higher    level staff to verify the transaction before they are posted to the    system.
• Provide different level of security entry. User allows to define the user    access right.
• Flexible in modify the transaction..
• Able to handle Manufacturing Accounts.
Some of the reports available in the E-Soft Accounting System are:
• Debtor Listing.
• Creditor Listing.
• General Ledger Listing.
• Trial Balance.
• Profit & Loss Accounts.
• Balance Sheet.
• Manufacturing Accounts.
• Debtor & Creditor Statement.
• Print Payment Voucher.
• Print Receipt.
• Print Cheque.
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